For register of the analog kind, this defines the physical unit of the register value. This must be one of the following:

  • #3: Unit-less number with 3 decimal digits of precision.
  • %: Percentage.
  • A: Electric current in amperes.
  • Ah: Electric charge in ampere-hours.
  • As: Electric charge in ampere-seconds.
  • C: Temperature in degree celsius.
  • Degrees: Angle in degrees.
  • Hz: Frequency in hertz.
  • Ohm: Resistance in ohm.
  • Pa: Pressure in pascals.
  • Pct: Percentage.
  • RH: Relative humidity.
  • Tmd: Time in days.
  • Tmh: Time in hours.
  • Tms: Time in seconds.
  • VA: Apparent power in volt-amperes.
  • VAh: Apparent energy in volt-ampere-hours.
  • V: Electric potential in volts.
  • W/m2: Irradiance in watts-per-square-meter.
  • W/m^2: Irradiance in watts-per-square-meter.
  • W: Power in watts.
  • Wh: Energy in watt-hours.
  • degC: Temperature in degree celsius.
  • deg: Angle in degrees.
  • g: Mass in grams.
  • hPa: Pressure in hecto-pascals.
  • h: Time in hours.
  • kAh: Electric charge in kilo-ampere-hours.
  • kO: Resistance in kilo-ohms.
  • kPa: Pressure in kilo-pascals.
  • kVAh: Apparent energy in kilo-volt-ampere-hours.
  • kW: Power in kilo-watts.
  • kWh: Energy in kilo-watt-hours.
  • kg: Mass in kilo-grams.
  • kvarh: Reactive energy in kilo-volt-ampere-hours.
  • m/s: Speed in meters-per-second.
  • m3/s: Volume flow in cubic-meters-per-second.
  • m3: Volume in cubic-meters.
  • mA: Electric current in milli-amperes.
  • mAh: Electric charge in milli-ampere-hours.
  • mSecs: Time in milli-seconds.
  • mV: Electric potential in milli-volts.
  • mV: Electric potential in milli-volts.
  • m^3/s: Volume flow in cubic-meters-per-second.
  • m^3: Volume in cubic-meters.
  • meters: Distance in meters.
  • mm: Distance in milli-meters.
  • mps: Speed in meters-per-second.
  • ms: Time in milli-seconds.
  • ohms: Resistance in ohm.
  • ppm: Parts-per-million.
  • s: Time in seconds.
  • secs: Time in seconds.
  • var: Reactive power in volt-ampere.
  • varh: Reactive energy in volt-ampere-hours.
  • °C: Temperature in degree celsius.

Get /sys/modbus/client/map/{name}/reg/{idx}/unit

path Parameters

The name of a system Modbus map (read-only).

Example: egauge_prm3

The index of a Modbus map register.


Normal response.


Unauthorized response.

Request samples
Response samples
  • "result": "W",
  • "error": "Error message (present if an error occurred)."