eGauge WebAPI (4.6)

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eGauge Meter API


The eGauge WebAPI is a JSON-based API that provides access to eGauge meters. It offers secure means to read device data, configure the device, and perform various control operations.

The WebAPI is intended to eventually replace the eGauge XML API. For new applications, developers are encouraged to use WebAPI rather than the legacy XML API.

Legal Disclaimer

This document and the API it describes may be amended and modified by eGauge Systems LLC at any time with or without notice. eGauge Systems LLC strives to avoid changes that break backwards-compatibility, but reserves the right to do so at its sole discretion.

Getting Started

With Python

To make it easy to get started, eGauge provides an open source Python package. It can be installed with the command:

pip install egauge-python

With this package installed, accessing an eGauge meter becomes very simple. For example, to fetch the hostname of the meter, you could use:

from egauge import webapi

URI = ""      # replace DEV with meter name
USR = "USER"                      # replace USER with user name
PWD = "PASS"                      # replace PASS with password

dev = webapi.device.Device(URI, webapi.JWTAuth(USR,PWD))

print("hostname is " + dev.get("/config/net/hostname")["result"])

The package also contains various convenience classes to read meter data, capture waveform samples, convert between physical units, and so on.

The official GIT repository for this package is at Various code examples can be found in the examples directory.